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Shining Star Camp

In 2009 the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office created its first ever summer camp for the youth of Baldwin County. This camp was designed to allow our 8-13 year old county youth the opportunity to experience firsthand what public safety is all about. Our camp not only teaches about the equipment used in our day to day Sheriff operations within the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, but other agencies as well.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office combines forces with other governmental and private agencies and organizations to teach about issues such as: drug and alcohol awareness, tobacco awareness, fire safety prevention, personal hygiene, seatbelt safety, marine and boater safety, life jacket awareness, wildlife safety, electricity safety, peer pressure and good character and decision making along with many other very critical issues that our youth need our help with.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Shining Star Camp helps to build life skills, instill confidence and develop self-esteem. The curriculum includes a wide range of activities that incorporates teamwork, physical fitness, and general Sheriff information. We emphasize the importance of physical and mental fitness and teach good citizenship. The Sheriff's Office strives to provide a positive learning experience for children during their summer break. The program is structured to be fun, informative and challenging. It even incorporates a family fun day with a certificate ceremony to give parents, grandparents and guardians the opportunity to share in the experience of what their children have learned through their participation in the camp.

The end result of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Shining Star Camp is to provide your child with a wealth of knowledge about public safety, and that they talk about the fun they had at the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Shining Star Youth Camp the rest of the summer!!